Frank Humpert*

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Frank Humpert has had a long connection with Napa High School and its athletic and scholastic history. He started as a B football and basketball player in the 1940-41 school year and has maintained some connection with the school in most of the years since then, with the exception of his college and military years. He played basketball and track in high school and was a member of the 1942 football team and a starter on the Napa High School North Bay League co-champions of 1943. After two years of football and basketball at Napa Junior College, Humpert went on to U.C. Berkeley, where he completed his college career with a starting assignment in the 1950 Rose Bowl game against Ohio State. Humpert had some experience with football in the service and returned to Napa to serve as assistant coach to Ken Casanega, Bob Covey and Pete Rivers, as well as volunteer trainer to a number of coaches over a 46-year period. Humpert is the only Napa High School graduate to serve as principal of Napa High School. He has truly spent his entire teenage and adult life as a part of Napa High School. Perhaps nothing expresses it better than Ron Collins’ letter that accompanied Humpert’s nomination; the final sentence reads, “No one deserves to be in the Napa High Hall of Fame more than Frank Humpert.”