Glenn Hughes

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Glenn Hughes has been a fixture at Napa High athletic events for 20 years, taking care of the athletes that wear the blue and gold. A co-owner of Napa Valley Physical Therapy, Hughes has offered his training services free of charge to Napa Valley athletes. Hughes has provided and continues to provide strength and conditioning guidance to young athletes before, during and after the sports season has ended. Hughes treats not only game-day injuries, but also works with the injured Napa athletes to insure that they receive the best rehabilitative treatment, all while consulting with coaches and parents. His generosity is immeasurable, as he not only donates his services but also his time, attending home and away games, while still maintaining his business practice. His dedication to Napa High is evident, as Hughes’ has has made the well-being of Napa High’s students his priority year after year. Hughes’ dedication to the Indian community extend beyond those involved in organized sports, as Hughes not only served as a junior varsity softball coach for three years but also was actively involved in the Napa High Band & Choir programs as well. Called an “invaluable asset” to the athletic programs at Napa High, his enthusiasm for Napa High athletic programs is apparent and all those involved with the Napa High community consistently tout that without Hughes, Napa High would not continue to maintain its excellence.