John “Muck” Franco*

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John “Muck” Franco participated in four different sports during his four-year career at Napa High School. He was the starting shortstop for the Indians baseball team in 1931-1934 and in 1933, he was team captain and leading hitter. In addition to his outstanding baseball accomplishments, Franco started for four seasons as a basketball player: one year as a C, two years as a B, and his senior year on the varsity. He led the 1932-33 B basketball team to a Section A Championship by topping the team in scoring. He was also one of the top scorers on the 1933-34 varsity basketball team. Franco was a running back on the 1932 Napa High football team and scored the winning touchdown against Analy. He also completed one year on the track team. While still in high school, Franco played Adult Summer Baseball in the Napa area – a feat very uncommon for high school athletes. Mr. and Mrs. Franco have five sons, all of whom graduated from Napa High School. They earned a total of 22 varsity letters, including two football MVPs. Two grandchildren have been Napa High School Athletes of the Year. Franco’s son, Les was inducted into the Napa High School Athletic Hall of Fame in 1997 and the Francos join Gene and Bruce Tonascia as father-and-son members. Franco was associated with the Napa City Softball League for many years and has spent a great deal of time “teaching youngsters the fundamentals of the game.”