Nomination and Selection Procedures

  • To be considered for the calendar year’s class of inductees, all nominations must be submitted on an approved form to the Foundation office by April 30 of the calendar year. For example, those wishing to nominate someone for the Hall of Fame in 2025 MUST have all the proper paperwork submitted to the Foundation by April 30, 2025.
  • One fee of $20.00 is due for each person nominated. If more than one person nominates the same individual, the fee may be split.
  • In April and May, the Selection Committee schedules meetings to review the nominees’ qualifications. Nominators, and any other persons the nominator would like to bring, are invited to the meeting to speak on behalf of their candidate. Selection Committee members may ask questions and individual members of the committee may speak for or against the candidate.
  • After all nominees have been reviewed, each committee member receives a coded ballot with each nominee’s name and numbers from 0 to 10. The coded ballot is to protect the privacy of the committee member. Committee members are not allowed to vote for themselves if they are nominated, nor are they allowed to vote for any nominee unless the committee member was in attendance at the meeting where the nominee was discussed.
  • Each committee member votes for each nominee on the basis of 0 to 10, depending on the individual committee member’s evaluation of the nominee’s qualifications. Ballots are mailed on a specified date to the Foundation, where they are counted by two board members who are not Selection Committee members.
  • To be elected, a nominee must get a vote total equal to or more than 75% of total possible votes. The number of votes required may vary depending on whether committee members were in attendance at all sessions when nominees are discussed.  Selection Committee members may not abstain from an individual vote. They must vote for every nominee for whom they are eligible.  A non-vote is counted as a 0.
  • There is no restriction on how a committee member may vote and there is no minimum or maximum number of nominees who may be elected. Therefore, there is no competition among nominees. Any restrictions a committee member may put on his or her own ballot is a private matter and not subject to challenge by anyone on or off of the committee.
  • Nominators will be notified by mail with the results of the election. There will be no exceptions.
  • If a nominee is unsuccessful in three attempts, there is a five year waiting period for re-nomination.