1. Scholarship Fund

    The Napa High School Athletic Hall of Fame Foundation is very proud of the fact that in June of 1999, just two years after organization, the Foundation began providing $1,000 scholarships to one male and one female Napa High School graduate. Funded totally by voluntary contributions, these annual scholarships have grown consistently over the years and are now $3,500 each. The scholarships are awarded to deserving scholar-athletes who have not only represented Napa High well in athletic competition but also in the classroom and in the community. The recipients are chosen by the NHS Scholarship Committee. Contributions to the Foundation identified as Scholarship Fund donations will not be used for any other purpose. To donate, please contact Carol Stein at (707) 226-5090 or make a tax-deductible donation online.

Scholarship Recipients

1999: Janalyn Yanover; Matt Hemming
2000: Carrie Snowden; Brian Bottari
2001: Stephanie Raymond; Michael Stephens
2002: Ellie Butterfield; Michael Yanover
2003: Charelle Braden; Joe LeMasters
2004: Kate Hall Shipp; Eric Branagan-Franco
2005: Heather Highshoe; David Yanover

2006: Lauren Philipps; Peter Butler
2007: Emily Lewis; Ryan Kostecka
2008: Trella Chrisco; Jake Croxdale
2009: J’anna (JJ) Wagoner; Ben Ballantine
2010: Tatum Souza; Kurt Ruegg
2011: Crysta Deus; Zephyr Barnes
2012: Jordan Crossley; Mario Gagetta

2013: Jennah Richmond; Zachary Jones
2014: Maggie Douma; Miles McArdle
2015: Madison Van Zandt; Andrew Carnazola
2016: Addie Dearden; Mac Neilson
2017: Kelsey Kampton; Austin Spinelli
2018: Peyton Mott; Caden Cortese
2019: Sofia Brandon; Max Alfaro